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Daily Fantasy Baseball: quo vadis?

It seemed like nobody was able to stop fantasy sports. Over 10% of US citizens were playing and most of them for real money. What nobody really understands is why it’s supposed to be different to sports betting. As everybody knows, this is illegal in the US. But nobody really understands the reasons why. Sure,… Read More »

Reigniting Baseball Love in Your Populations

While there has been an ongoing debate whether baseball is losing its group on the thousands who made the game one of the popular in the US, a new angel has set in showing a sharp disinterest by kids in the game. According to previous observation by some media outlets, the number of young kids… Read More »

Fantasy sports, stocks trading on sports and so on

I was really curious about the fantasy sports and now in 2014 it’s such a huge market. I cannot believe how it developed. I have never been that kind of person that had to bet on everything and needs to add excitement to sports. To be honest, if you are really enthusiastic you do not… Read More »