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Daily Fantasy Baseball: quo vadis?

It seemed like nobody was able to stop fantasy sports. Over 10% of US citizens were playing and most of them for real money. What nobody really understands is why it’s supposed to be different to sports betting. As everybody knows, this is illegal in the US. But nobody really understands the reasons why. Sure, some may be addicted but those who are find ways to bet anyways. And as there are no legal ways, there’s a lot of risk involved. I do not want to go that much in detail but the question is why should daily fantasy sports be legal and sports betting is not?

To me it is pretty obvious that you can’t have it both. Either both are legal or not. The insider trading scandal turns out to be a big issue that may cause the death of DFS in the USA. And as usual, it’s because some people just can’t get enough. If you’re in such a lucrative market you really don’t have to use insider information to get an advantage over your competition. We are not talking about Draftkings vs. Fanduel on a corporate level. No, about employees betting on competitors platforms.

In certain stats, DFS is already illegal now. Only thanks to this scandal. It’s very likely that it will catapult this industry back to the roots. And this time, they have to go the route other betting companies have to go. That is mainly sitting there, doing politics and try to get it all legal in the future. I’m not updating this blog very often. So if you’re interested in this topic you should follow sites like this to stay up to date on the current situation of fantasy baseball and sports in general.

Yanks Looking For Possible Replacement For Roberto Cano

The air of apprehension and fear is slowly tightening its grip around the New York Yankees stable. Speculations have it that Roberto Cano, Yankees prized second baseman, could be wrapping up his contract with the club. According to rumors, Cano could be eyeing the free agent status prompting the general manager, Brian Cashman, to start looking for possible replacements. Already, there has been communication with his Cincinnati Reds counterpart, Walt Jocketty, to prepare a possible trade for Brandon Phillips, the Red’s all-star second baseman. Apparently, the trading could run the Yankees spending into millions of dollars, given the quality and performance associated with Philips.

The baseman has been touted as one of the lethal throwers, and most defensive second base point man in recent times. The prospects of Cano’s departure have kicked off possible drives to shop for other potentially lethal middle infielders. There are a number of replacements, who could end up filling in for Cano at the Bronx. Here are some of the names being flaunted for fresh trading.

Brandon Phillips

According to a report by’s reporter, Jon Heyman, Brandon Phillips is the first option that could offer the Yankees the best replacement for Cano. Even though he could be available for sale, the Reds will certainly be looking to wring every possible dollar from teams looking for his services. Phillips could be running on a $50 million contract deal, set to run up to 2017. The Reds on the other hand will be keen to make the best out of the switch. The baseman is set to turn 33 in eight months, but has been consistent on the pitch. His incredible runs totaling to 103 in 2013, and the 706 OPS may have been below expectations. However, Philips remains as one of the best fielder even though his poor approach and an active long term contract could compound the move.

Omar Infante

After the news of Omar Infante becoming a free agent filtered into baseball circles, the Yankees are said to have made a wooing move to have infant warm up to the prospects of replacing the mighty Cano. Infante has had an impressive career spanning 12 years. He is believed to be in the $25 million per three years bracket. He has managed a promising 795 OPS this year, which is a recovery from a poor season back in 2011-2012. Infant has the benefit of being a versatile team player, while his salary bracket may leave the Yankees with some loose change.

Howie Kendrick

According to Heyman, Kendrick could be a good bet for the Yankees. With an $18.85 million tag on his two years remaining on his current contract with the Anaheim Angels Kendrick, can be a potential replacement if yanked into the Yankees hold. The 30 year old player may have been missing in action for over 40 games, but he managed to give an impressive performance throughout the year.

The prospects for the Yankees could open up wide and far if the few mentioned become a tedious choice. However, the three could be so far the most fitting substitutes in the event of Cano’s departure. While these could be nerve propositions if Cano does not make his final bow from the Bronx, the MLB Hot Stove will have the answers by the end of it all.

Rivera Wins Comeback Player Award

Mariano Rivera may have sat out most games in the 2012 season after collecting a numbing knee injury. His comeback into the scene was more than captivating, and ultimately has earned the Yankees more accolades to add to his trophy cabinet. After being selected to receive the Comeback Player of the Year in the American baseball fraternity, Rivera’s injury season could seem like a blessing in disguise. Rivera shot back on the scene with an above par performance. His comeback also saw the 43 year old veteran cap up a brilliant 19 year old career with top honors.
The former closer, who continues to command top position on the all time saves leaders list, did afford a 6-2 complimented by a 2.11 ERA. Rivera added 44 more saves, which broke the record for the number of saves for a pitcher wrapping up his final season. Rivera had managed several other achievements including the All-Star Game MVP player. Again, the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award was announced and presented to Rivera during the second game of the World Series. The Comeback Player of the Year was another addition to his previous recognition awards, which saw him get awarded in a series of games spanning several cities.

Rivera still managed to clinch more after being picked for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award, which was an award for some of his off-pitch involvements. The Marvin Miller Award was specifically for his charity causes, and his outstanding career demeanor. Riviera must have caught the eye of the selection panel, which honors players who make an extra effort to change lives on and off the pitch. The veteran has been influential in transforming many people towards achieving more. He is the brains behind the Mariano Rivera Foundation, which has been in the frontline offering opportunities for poor families and children to get education.

Meanwhile, Rivera seems set to receive more after being toured by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to receive the Joe DiMaggio Toast of the Town honor. The Yankee veteran will be receiving the award alongside another top flight pitcher, Andy Pettite, who is also on his way out. The awards are set to be presented on January 2014 during a special dinner event.

For now the Yankees are not ready to start off speculation over the right man to replace Mariano Rivera. In a brief on the New York Daily tabloid, Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman says there are no immediate plans and the club is bidding on time before mentioning the right person to fill in for the all time star closer. Apparently, current setup man, David Robertson had been mentioned adversely as the right man to take up the closer’s position. Cashman looks like he will be checking out the free agent bracket before going another direction. The Yankees could also be looking at their talent in training to get clues on a possible filler player. The club has revealed plans to gather several talents, who will be training over winter. Some of the possible names on the free agent list set to be under scrutiny with Rivera’s placement on sight include: Grant Balfour, and former Texas Rangers pitcher: Joe Nathan.

Reigniting Baseball Love in Your Populations

While there has been an ongoing debate whether baseball is losing its group on the thousands who made the game one of the popular in the US, a new angel has set in showing a sharp disinterest by kids in the game. According to previous observation by some media outlets, the number of young kids showing interest in the game is said to be on a downward trend with the greatest excuse being that kids have become interested in games associated with speed. Already there are factions that have asked for possible changed to the game.

Notably, baseball is only retaining its hold within older generations which are also fading out fast. The average baseball viewership is also said to be taking a blow as their viewers take more year on their age brackets. It has been verified that the latest viewer ratings have an estimated age of 54.4 years watching the sport, compared to a range of 49.9 years watching the game in 2009. The Nielsen research firm did find out that only 3.7 percent of the total audience watching baseball was made by the 6 to 17 age bracket for kids. The same bracket accounted for a 7.4 percentage watching the sport ten years ago.

It is true that baseball could compete with the NFL, but the comparison is too wide. The percentage representing kids in viewership for the NBA, NHL, and even the British Premier League could be way ahead of the number for baseball. Kids have shown a consistent trend gravitating towards preference for other sports, compared to baseball. The question to ponder over in the baseball context is what could have resulted in the gradual decline? Is it true that if changes were made in the game, it could end up attracting more kids? Could it actually recover in the shortest time, or it could be just another notion?

Whereas it is not fair to label kids who don’t watch baseball as non-fans, it is good to take a look at the available options for young kids. Previously, the premier league was a strange phenomenon. The NHL and the NBA did not make much of abuzz then. However today, the popularity of these games has gained a lot from the pitching and marketing initiatives. Other sports like football didn’t have a stable supply of stars, whose publicity was the missing link in the picture.

Today, almost the same scenario shows up with baseball. It is actually not about how it is being played, or the pace and thrill in the game. It boils down to the marketing aspect. Baseball greats might be big on in game scene, but once they disappear from regular TV appearances in ads or shows, there is a likelihood of the game losing touch especially within the young age bracket. Even thought baseball will gain by brand marketing initiatives, much more can be gained by marketing the game’s talents in an appealing way. This is the surest way of re-igniting the fire within young demographics to return to the baseball fold without much cajoling.

Fantasy sports, stocks trading on sports and so on

I was really curious about the fantasy sports and now in 2014 it’s such a huge market. I cannot believe how it developed. I have never been that kind of person that had to bet on everything and needs to add excitement to sports. To be honest, if you are really enthusiastic you do not need to. I mean, if I watch a really boring game where I could not care less which team is winning, it may help to bet on it or have players in your fantasy team.

But there are some more trends and I’m really excited how it turns out. What I was always thinking of was a fantasy stock exchange for all sports. No matter if it’s Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, whatever. I just want to buy shares of a certain player and sell it later when the price went up. I was always more the kind of guy trading for the longterm instead of the quick profit. Maybe that’s why I’m not really interested in betting where short term profits can be made. What I love to do is analysing players, especially young talents in the minor leagues and just bet on them to became VPs.

I’m not sure if that is working out. I already heard about similar stuff but nothing too professional for me. So I did not follow and gave up on it. But what I can see is that there are a lot of innovative products popping up where everybody thought it is impossible. And these are also sort of “fantasy” products, mostly finance related. The best example I can give you is binary options (where you can trade with your Android device as well). I am a professional trader myself, at least that is what I was doing for a living for a long time, so I know what I’m talking about. In this case the financial market is nothing else than the foundation for such derivatives. It really has nothing to do with it because when you buy an option on Microsoft it has no influence to the market at all. When you buy shares through a stock exchange, you need to find someone that is willing to sell. Usually, this is no problem but still, this is what the market is doing. So generally speaking, the brokers that are offering these products just use the financial market to determine prices. Everything else is a gamble, a bet. This is one of the reasons why binary options in the US are more or less illegal to trade. But to be honest, this is just a game and has no real influence on the market. The US allows so many things that are much, much worse that I cannot even describe. Anyways, interesting how things will look like in 5 years from now.

Jay Z present to Robinson Cano prompts MLBPA inquiry

Robinson Cano seems like a beleaguered man in a manner of sorts. He just fired his agent from 2011, Scott Boras and headed for rapper Jay-Z new sports agency. This has not only added fuel to rumors surrounding Cano’s free agency status, but increasingly opened up a new perspective. This could mean the second baseman could be in the Bronx longer than thought. Even though it is just a proposition, the news that got Cano square on the headlines is an alleged gift from the rap mogul-turned supports agent.

The national Baseball’s regulator body is looking into possibilities whether there were any rules broken with the presentation of the lucrative gift. The baseball body is studying the scenario to see if there were violations in the saga, that saw Cano receive a watch valued at $34,000. It is being felt that the gesture may have contravened sections of the MLBPA bylaws. The body is looking to verify if the gift was offered as persuasion to keep Cano under Jay-Z agency. Some sections of the bylaws on board state that it is illegal for agent to “persuade” their clients for such favors.

Whereas it is being seen as a violation of existing rule, it is not clear what circumstances that the rappers sporting agency would face from the regulators. Jay-Z started his agency in June. The $34,000 watch in question is way past the MLBPA agreed value for any gift given to a player by third party entities. Currently, players are safe only if they receive gifts well below the $500 mark. Cano is said to have received a luxurious Shawn Carter Classic Hublot watch, which had the names Shawn Carter engraved on it. The gift was exchanged in Belgium during his birthday party. Coincidentally, the rapper was in the vicinity and had finished performing in Antwerp. The player had made a posting on his Instagram account, showing the watch believed to have been custom designed by the rapper himself.

Whereas it is illegal to convince player to keep using agent services, any gifts surpassing the $500 mark must be notified to the MLBPA in writing especially if the players are under their agency. There are no confirmations made yet, according to Roc Nation’s spokesperson, Ron Berkowitz. The agency is yet to make any comments in regard to the MLBPA probe. The incident was first brought into the public domain by the ESPN network.
On its side, the MLBPA franchise also remains mute on the issue. The MLBPA spokesperson, Greg Bouris said they are yet to issue a statement given that the organization does not involve its self in such clandestine arrangements involving internal matters and agent player matters. In April, Cano deserted Boras joined other players from other sports fields in Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency. This is not the first time that the rapper has lavished a sports personality with a luxurious gift. Cano is currently on the headlines as the Yankees look to keep him playing in the Bronx, and are believed to have offered him a $14.1 million deal.

Baseball’s Death Is Just a Superficial Myth

Baseball has earned a huge mark when it comes to counting down some of America’s most favorite pastimes. Whereas there are other sports that could be in contention alongside the sport, baseball is actually a major item on many American TV and live game attendance statistics. There has been a misguided notion doing rounds that after all, baseball is slowly fluttering on its death bead. However, a closer look on the ground brings in a totally different picture. Despite some studies showing that the total number of audiences following the World Series could be waning, the MLB is still major competition against the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

The secret that defines the misguided notion is probably hidden in numbers that keenly follow the game live from the local levels. TV ratings could get it wrong and give the local growth rate a second opinion, when it comes to translating popularity relying on numbers from a national level game viewership. What latest findings show is a decline in the numbers idolizing the World Series. Notably, it is estimated that the 2012 version of the World Series garnered 12.7 million in audience numbers for the top flight game pitting Giants’ against Tigers. At the same time, the NBA finals propelled by Lebron James fanaticism garnered over 17.5 million every game.
The 2013 World Series has some good news to this effect with the two games in the season clocking over 13.9 million viewers. The NBA viewership in a tentative playoff was at 14.4 million. While it seem like the NBA could have beaten baseball in big game contexts, it may be toppled by the MLB which is also in contention with the NFL. At the same time, it is good to note that the World Series rating mechanism could be doing the game a big disservice when measuring up the MLB reputation.

The previously latent baseball fraternity is slowly indicating a gradual rise, compared to some years ago. Baseball fame is showing a wider growth rate away from the local markets. Four decades ago, the Yankees and the Reds had the potential of bringing 30,000 fans to their games combined. Today, the two teams have the capacity to bring on board over 75,000 fans to their games. This alone stands for over 150 %. The advertising contract going with baseball games also tell a positive story. Even though there are tangible drops in audience numbers in recent years.
The increasing choices of other TV option have contributed to the decline of about 71 percent in baseball audiences in the last three decades. Baseball fans still have the benefit of doubt while following other teams out there. The daily access to a baseball game on the local scene means most people are safely on the inside, when it comes to deducing the current affairs in MLB circles. What most rating bodies need to agree on is that baseball is not losing fans. The only prerequisite needed here is for baseball to have fans that have meaning for their teams, and for the game too.

Mobile betting on Baseball

To me, mobile stuff is incredible. I’ve always been some sort of iPhone addict. Actually not really addict but I’ve been using it whenever I needed it. And that was pretty often the last couple of years. I’m also using it instead of other devices like navigational systems and stuff like that. But what I do like most is the opportunity to bet with your mobile. Especially on Baseball of course. But I also do a bit of Football and Basketball.

What is most important though is getting the right apps and sports bettors. There are a lot of shady companies out there, especially those that target the US market and that get in legal trouble on a daily basis. Same is true for online casinos btw. I have to admit that I really enjoy playing with my mobile but you can’t play everywhere as US citizen and that’s why you need some more input and information about this topic. There are some great sites like casinosonthago that show you exactly how and where to play mobile casino games for real money (play money is no issue of course as you are not wagering any money at all…). That’s what it is all about and that’s where you need to pay attention.

Anyways, there are some great articles about the sports betting topic here or here. And you should take a look at it before you just start playing anywhere.

Yes, it’s no real problem for operators to offer a great mobile gaming experience. Live betting with your mobile is the dream of millions of people in the US and anywhere in the world. And it is finally starting to become real. Especially some bookies in Europe (UK) are very advanced. They work on it for years ago and they made some nice progress. William Hill is a great example and I’m talking constantly to some friends from England. They are just happy to have opportunities like that and really enjoy mobile betting with their Android smartphones or iPhones.

I’m always asking myself how it would look like in the near future. Smart TVs are also a trend you can’t deny. Maybe you can watch sports and have all live bets beside you. This makes it even more comfortable as you don’t have to deal with two devices and it’s just one screen. This could be pretty nice when done properly.